Apple had so much fun at the park yesterday! He was going down the slides by himself and was enjoying it. Then we got to the swirly one….and…that scared him a bit lol he was pooped and slept like that for like 2 hours when we got home haha.

What is the point of living when it is no longer my life. Take control of it all when all there is left is hate. What love. There is none.

I wonder when I will crave for food again

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For those who take joy in my pain and sufferings. Are you even human?

I’m unable to wake up from this nightmare. I have no will nor power to fight against this anymore. I’m just afraid. Just afraid. It’s like I’m all alone in this pit of darkness.

nothing says hope quite like flowers growing through the cracks in concrete

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I’ve lost faith in humanity.

I was wrong about everything. My mind is messed up. What is reality anyways.

The Band Perry - "If I Die Young"

My end.

Living in fear. There is no one to save me.